Ashes Of The Red Heifer (eManual)


This study manual on Ashes Of The Red Heifer is part of our Revelational Series.

ISBN: 978-1-937199-, 8.5” x 11”, digital book in .pdf format, 63 pages


Ashes Of The Red Heifer is a verse by verse study manual on the story of the ashes of the red heifer found in Numbers 19.  Consider this: almost all of the sacrificial offerings found in Scripture, at least those that God required in the Old Testament were bullocks and rams, which were male animals (Leviticus 14:14).  In this story there is an exception.  This animal to be sacrificed was a heifer, a female cow, and when the Bible refers to the church or the people of God, it always is referred to as a woman.  This story reveals what happens when a people follow in Jesus’ footsteps and sacrifice themselves, allowing everything that is not of Him to be burned, purified, and be dealt with.  This revelation is precious beyond words.  It is given to you now with the greatest love.