Order Of Melchisedec (eManual)


This study manual on the Order Of Melchisedec is part of our Revelational Series.

ISBN: 978-1-937199-, 8.5” x 11”, digital book in .pdf format, 51 pages



Order Of Melchisedec is a revelational study manual.  Simply put, God is going to have a holy priesthood, a rank of genuine, sincere, completed, Jesus-filled, holy living, separated, humble, power-filled priests!  I want God’s name to be vindicated in this earth.  I want the devil to know not everybody is going to sell out.  I want and believe God will have a priesthood who are in it for Him, not for their own glory, not to be seen of men.  They will want for JESUS alone to be glorified.  The earth is groaning for such a priesthood.  Be one of them!  Sell out to JESUS.  To this end has this humble manual been written.