Foundational Courses

Foundational Series – COMING SOON!

We are happy to announce that we will be offering our Foundational Series at Narrow Way Bible College completely online in video and .mp3 format!  The Foundational Series is the heart of our curriculum at Narrow Way that is taught all over the world.  Receiving a foundation in the Word of God is essential for every Christian who desires to grow up in all that Jesus has for them.  Psalms 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?”  Ezra 6:3 exhorts us, “and let the foundations be strongly laid.”  This is what we are seeking to accomplish by offering this curriculum online.  Our foundational series is rooted in Hebrew 6:1-3 which is an 8 course, 1.5 year study on the following courses:

Searching The Scriptures
Repentance From Dead Works

Faith Toward God

Doctrine Of Baptisms

Laying On Of Hands

Resurrection Of The Dead

Eternal Judgment
Doctrine Of Perfection


Enrolling is very easy and our tuition is very affordable broken down into monthly donations.  You can work it around your schedule, making it perfect for working people that want to fill their lives with the Word of God.  Listening to one teaching a day, the foundational series should take you about 1.5 years to complete and it will change your life.  You will fall in love with the Word of God and never be the same.  You will have a sound Biblical foundation on which God can build upon! View an introduction to the course here.

More About Our Narrow Way Bible College…

In addition to the essential foundational series, at Narrow Way Bible College we believe in present truth and revelational doctrine.  Now more than ever do God’s people need not only a foundation in the Word of God, but they need to be established in revelational truths in order to prepare them for these last days.

As stated above, our foundational classes are rooted in Hebrew 6:1-3 which lists the “doctrine of Christ” consisting of “…the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment…”  Our revelational classes cover many subjects such as The Glory Of God, The Call Of The Bride, Mystery Babylon, The Ashes Of The Red Heifer, The Order Of Melchisedec, The Remnant Principle, and much more!  Other classes in our curriculum include exhaustive studies on the First Principles of God (lessons that every believer should know and walk in), Searching The Scriptures, Healing, Prophetic Utterance, Fasting, Eternal Salvation, The Dealings Of God, Worship, The God Manual (which is an exhaustive study of 160 characteristics of our Great God), Women In Ministry, The Kingdom Of God and much more!  We are attempting to give all our students the Biblical standard for growth in God.  This is done by providing from the Scriptures “milk for babes”, “bread for children”, “meat for men”, “strong meat for the aged”, and “hidden manna for the overcomers.”

This curriculum is perfect for the serious Bible student who desires to grow up in all that Jesus has for them.  We are interested in producing sound, stable, and faithful men and women of God with a passion for Jesus, His Word, Worship, and His people.  We will try our best to lead by example, helping them lead clean, pure, and holy lives which only the Word of God can accomplish.

Narrow Way Bible College offers up to eight years of study ultimately.  We are not affiliated with any other schools and are not accredited by worldly standards.  We are a true “school of the prophets” and desire to remain free from governmental and theological associations.  This allows us to teach freely what the Lord has given us and it delivers us from the strains of religion and other philosophies.  We take great care to make sure our curriculum is exhaustively researched and sound.  We also believe in the Biblical relationship of fathers and son/daughters.  We are blessed to have an oversight committee of mighty and seasoned men and women of God to aid us in staying balanced, providing a covering over all that we do.

Please contact us if you’re interested in Narrow Way Bible College establishing a School in your city, or you would simply like more information.