Slaying Our Giants

26 Audio Messages + Study Manual

This course has been written to help you search the Scriptures concerning “giants.” I personally believe we all have giants to face of some kind or another. We will look at their nature, what they did or didn’t do, and what was the reaction of the people of God to them. Also, we will see where they came from and dig deep into the stories of what they did and how they did it. We will closely examine their names and the meaning of their names. Just perhaps, as we do this, wisdom will break through into our own lives.

We need to learn how to slay our giants. In Old Testament accounts of these giants I know we are looking at a true story that spoke to the people that lived during that time. But I also believe it can speak to us, and teach us, and maybe even train us to be able to deal with the giants in our lives, even though they aren’t real or ten-feet tall. Our giants many times may not be people at all, but situations in our lives. They may even be something from our past, or a situation that won’t go away. Many of us have things that lie in the deepest part of our soul from many years ago that are still affecting our lives today. These things may seem like these giants of old, so powerful, so mighty, so overwhelming to us that we draw back from ever facing them. The truth is, we must face them and then slay them in the Name of the Lord. As we search the Word we can see how people much like ourselves defeated them. We can take courage from David slaying Goliath, and Caleb taking his mountain and driving out the giants that dwelt there.

We can derive great instruction from just the meaning of their names, and what the words translated giant in the Old Testament mean. One name means bully. Do you have someone like that in your life? These giants originated in Satan, and there is no grater bully than him. Our great and glorious and precious Jesus destroyed his works, and overcame all things. All true power and authority rests now in the King of Kings and lord of Lords. He is the greatest giant of them all. He is there to help us. He has left in the Scriptures a blueprint of how to slay the giants. The Bible declares, “The righteous are bold as a lion.”’ (Proverbs 28:1) God wants us to be able to boldly say, “The Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man (or giant) can do unto me.” (Hebrews 13:6) I’m saying, “to them that are of a fearful heart, be strong, fear not, for behold your God will come…” (Isaiah 35:4) Never forget, “His strength is made perfect in weakness.” (II Corinthians 12:9) So rise up, and ignore the lies of the enemy. No matter how big your problem or situation, shake yourself and renounce your fear, no matter how imposing this thing may seem. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” (II Timothy 1:7).

Don’t let others who are hesitant and doubting affect you. You are not a grasshopper; you’re a son of God. Their old religious armor won’t work either. David chose five smooth stones. That represents, God’s grace; his divine enablement will be strong in, and around and upon you. Smooth speaks of a lifetime of being worn down. Smoothness also speaks of something tried and true, an ancient old path (Jeremiah 16:6). That means we will never wear down or be intimidated by anyone or anything. We’ve endured the dealing so of God and won’t back known. The stone is the Word of God, when sent as a weapon, finds its mark. (Isaiah 55:11) It will accomplish what it is sent to do. The Word never fails.

God will have an overcoming, valiant remnant of people in the last days, who will not only have slain their own personal giants, but now they rise in the name of the Lord, and are going after the giants who are trying to stop the Kingdom’s work, as well as the giants that torment God’s wonderful people. So, “let the weak say I am strong.” (Joel 3:10) “Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near, let the come up. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say I am strong. Assemble yourselves, and come all ye heathen and gather yourselves together round about; thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O Lord.” (Joel 3:9-11)