The Vision of At Narrow Way Ministries is to do our part to make disciples wherever the Lord sends us or with whom the Lord sends our way (Matthew 28:19). Most people associate Bible College with going off to a university somewhere, spending a lot of money, or only for those who are called to the five-fold ministry. But the Bible clearly teaches that every single believer, after they get saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, are to sit under sound doctrine and be taught (I Timothy 4:13-16, II Timothy 2:15, John 8:31-32, Hebrews 5:12, etc.). Jesus taught daily. The early church taught daily, and as believers if we are “going to grow up into Him in all things” (Ephesians 4:15) and really “be ready to always to give an answer to every man that asketh…” (I Peter 3:15), then we all need to “see our need” (Hebrews 5:12, Luke 10:38-42) to be taught. Therefore, Narrow Way Ministries seeks to offer courses online to bring the Word of God to Christians that want to sit under the Word of God where they reside. Each audio class is in mp3 format, can easily be listened to online with the accompanying study manual.  We will be adding more courses over the coming months and years, so check back periodically or subscribe to our website to receive updates when new courses are available.

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Searching The Scriptures – $90 donation each Part

Dr. Samuel Greene

This course on Searching the Scriptures has 4 main goals:  1)  To share with you the key to real deliverance.  It is not necessarily in a prayer or in hands being laid on someone, or even in a time of intense fasting, but by diligent, heartfelt searching of the Scriptures; 2) To share with you the great treasures of wisdom and knowledge, and most importantly, the revelation of God’s way.  As we give ourselves to the Scriptures, we begin to know and understand our God in a complete way. 3) To lay a foundation in your life of the importance God, Himself, places on the Word, to the end that we would be established and not be ashamed.  4) To promote in you a hunger and a great desire to read, study, memorize, and speak the Word of God. This course contains 81 Audio messages with the accompanying study manual and is broken up into 2 parts.  Part 1 contains messages 1-40 and Part 2 contains messages 41-81. 

Walking Before Him – $60 donation each Part

Dr. Samuel Greene

This is the desire expressed by every true son and daughter of the Lord, to have a real walk with God.  There seems to be an evil that has found its way into the body of Christ’s thinking that is settling for so much less than we’ve been called to.  It seems many times we take the path of least resistance.  We’ve been taught we can only go so far.  Let us be delivered from religious thinking and embrace the Word of God and begin to “walk in truth” (II John 4), and to “walk in love” (Ephesians 5:1-3).  Let us stop talking and really start walking (I John 2:6).  Let us rise and be those men as trees walking.  Let us have a true walk with God.  Let us demonstrate to the world the real Jesus.  Can you hear Him calling you now saying, “arise and walk” (John 5:8)?  Let us hear and respond.  My prayer is that this manual encourages you to that end.  May God bless you as you search the Scriptures.  Let us obey His Word, “Rise, let us be going” (Matthew 26:46).  This course contains 25 Audio messages with the accompanying study manual in pdf format.

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Slaying our Giants – $60 donation

Dr. Samuel Greene

This course is offered to help you search the Scriptures concerning “giants.” I personally believe we all have giants to face of some kind or another. We will look at their nature, what they did or didn’t do, and what was the reaction of the people of God to them. Also, we will see where they came from and dig deep into the stories of what they did and how they did it. We will closely examine their names and the meaning of their names. This course also shows how we can slay our giants and overcome in our lives.  God will have an overcoming, valiant remnant of people in the last days, who will not only have slain their own personal giants, but now they rise in the name of the Lord, and are going after the giants who are trying to stop the Kingdom’s work, as well as the giants that torment God’s wonderful people.  This course contains access to the digital Slaying Our Giants Manual as well as 26 accompanying audio messages to study and listen at your own pace. 

Ashes of the Red Heifer – $50 donation

Dr. Samuel Greene

This course is a verse by verse study of the sacrifice of the Red Heifer and what they did with the ashes found in Numbers 19:1-21.  Almost all of the sacrificial offerings found in Scripture, at least those that God required in the Old Testament were bullocks and rams, which were mail animals (Leviticus 14:14).  In this story there is an exception.  The animal to be sacrificed was a heifer, a female cow.  Therefore, this Red Heifer is a type of people in the body of Christ who choose to give and sacrifice everything for the Kingdom of God.  They are a type of the bride of Christ.  With the ashes of their great sacrifice, God is able to do a mighty work as this teaching brings out.  This course goes through the verse by verse detail of this purification process during this sacrifice bringing great revelation of the processes of God to change, sanctify, and purify a people for this holy work.  This course contains access to the digital Ashes of the Red Heifer Manual as well as 23 accompanying audio messages to study and listen at your own pace. 

Women in Ministry – $140 donation

Dr. Samuel Greene

In these days when we are about to witness that last great move of the Spirit of God and the coming of the Lord Jesus, we need to have clarified for us in a Scriptural manner the truth about women and their role in church ministry. By seeing how, why, how many, and how often women were used in Scripture, it will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is and always has been God’s desire for women to be used in ministry, as well as consider what life would have been like without them and their ministry! Hopefully sisters, as you see these women at work, it will encourage you in your own distinct calling and ministry. When we consider women in ministry, I believe the only conclusion we can come to (Scripturally speaking) is that women are free to minister. The world is waiting to hear the Gospel. Maybe the reason we haven’t reached them yet is because half of the body of Christ has been held in bondage! To this end, that women might rise up without fear or condemnation, and that they may know they are standing on solid Biblical ground, this course is offered.  This course contains access to the digital Women in Ministry Manual as well as 64 accompanying audio messages to study and listen at your own pace. 

Songs of the Scriptures – free

Dr. Samuel Greene

This course is simply access to over 70 recorded songs of the Scriptures from the early days in the charismatic movement.  The authors are unknown, but Brother Sam recorded these himself to pass on to the next generation.  The chords to each song are included.  There is nothing greater than worshipping our precious Jesus and singing the Scriptures.  We offer this for free as a resource towards this end.  This course contains the chords and mp3 music to over 70 Scripture choruses.  This is a free, but you must register to still get access.  

The God Manual – free Sample Audio

Dr. Samuel Greene

The God Manual was written with hopes of seeking to reveal the correct Biblical image of who our precious Creator really is.  With 160 lessons and 276 audio messages in the complete God Manual Course, it exhaustively teaches almost every aspect, characteristic, and attribute of God we can think of.  The God Manual’s goal was to give God Himself a chance to define Himself as reveal in His Word!  For ministers, disciples, and those that want to fulfill their calling to know Jesus on a more intimate level, we believe this humble resource is a must have. The free sample audio course is free access to the first 15 audio messages to the God Manual course.  The complete God Manual course(s) will be available in the near future.  This resource is free, but you need to register above to get access.     

Face to Face Communion – $25 Donation

Dr. Samuel Greene

Face To Face Communion is a course about knowing God “face to face.”  It will show Scripturally how God longs to have an intimate relationship with His people.  Brother Sam’s prayer is that as you listen to these audio teachings, the Holy Spirit will touch, change, and direct your heart to a deeper, more intimate, and closer walk with Him. This course contains 11 Audio messages about Face to Face Communion as well as a free copy of the digital published book by Dr. Greene in ePub format for your tablet or phone.