Pr. 27:2 – “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth…

Below are testimonies and endorsements by Brother Sam’s covering leadership throughout his ministry:

Dr. Mark Hanby
Fort Worth, TX,  Father’s Heart Ministries

A few days ago I decided “again” to clear some of the clutter from my study.  Somewhere in there amongst the “stuff” I knew there was a beautiful cherry wood desk and I was having trouble finding it.  My sanctuary had become a storage room for CD’s,DVD’s, manuscripts, books, pictures and stacks of emails with a wide assortment of requests for ministry schedules, endorsements, forwards, blurbs and the like.

As I sorted things into stacks for further consideration as to importance, value and need for response I picked up a little gray colored book with burgundy letters entitled The Sound of God.  I had forgotten where or when I had received it until I read and realized it was one of the more recent releases of 60 or more powerful treatises written by my dear and precious friend, Dr. Samuel N. Greene.

As I scanned its pages with scripture after scripture divinely connected to reveal a glorious manifestation of the voice of God, I was struck with the thought that so many scribes with huge platforms have so little to say while men of God like Dr. Greene have produced volumes of deep revelation with so little exposure.  The self-help titles written by shallow minds for shallow readers seem to literally fly off of the Christian bookstore shelves, while deep wells of pure clear revelation remain hidden within the parchments of unexplored authors.

Let me simply “cut to the chase” and say that while I understand everyone does not crave the same weight of revelation and ministry, the hungry and the thirsty for glorious impartation should consider the written ministry of Dr. Samuel N. Greene.

Along with a faithful remnant of God’s people known as “Narrow Way Ministries”, Dr. Greene has dedicated his life to ferreting out the hidden manna that produces an unparalleled manifestation of wisdom and glory.  These truths have impacted multitudes of people in various parts of the world, but in my humbled opinion need to be trumpeted to the greater body of Christ.

Dr. Greene is correct…the word of God does say that “deep calleth unto deep”.  The comfortably satisfied religious crowd will no doubt be simply bored by the depth of research and exhaustive presentation.  However, if you are one of the “hungry and thirsty after righteousness”, desperate for that which lies beyond the veil, then by all means join those of us who desire the purpose of God more than self and the glory of God’s presence more than life.  You must become acquainted with Narrow Way Ministries and the written works of Dr. Samuel N. Greene.

 Dan Duke
Fire and Glory Ministries

It seems I’ve known Sam his whole life even though he was a teenager when we first met nearly 40 years ago. We have walked closely together through his real life struggles, joys, and disappointments.  Through it all he has held firm.  I’ve watched an oppressed confused teenager from a rough neighborhood in Washington DC become a great preacher, skilled teacher, and prolific writer and I have to say I’m impressed!  Sam’s ministry is impressive in its far reaching impact in the US and abroad.  His teaching materials in written and recorded form have gone around the world. Who would  have guessed that from the little store front church in Jacksonville, Florida the Word of God would  be spread abroad to so many places?  Sam’s ministry is bigger than his local pulpit and Bible school.  Far bigger.

Dr. Chuck Flynn
Prophetic Trumpet, CA

The following is Dr. Flynn’s foreword to Brother Sam’s book, Face to Face Communion:  In these last days, there seems to be a great vacuum and a great complacency of man’s desire to pursue communion with the living God.  It is my heartfelt opinion that Dr. Samuel Greene has heard from the throne room of the Father the manifold wisdom of God pertaining to the believer’s intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, face to face.

This wonderful and inspirational educator has presented to mankind the depths, heights, and expanse of the principles of the high calling of God that will help us all to realize how deep, how high, and how wide is our communion with Christ, face to face.

The unique method and brilliant maneuvering of Scripture challenges the heart to receive the divine purposes, learn His ways, and be equipped to “show the rest of the earth His great and precious ways” (page 16).  This inspired unfoldings of this book has prompted me to turn my face toward God for He has turned His face toward me, in His manifest presence – Jehovah Shammah, “The Lord is there” (Ezekiel 48:35)!

Dr. LeRoy Thompson
Senior Pastor, The Triumphant Church
Springfield, VA

Of the many ministries that I have connected with and invited into our church Rev. Sam Greene and Narrow Way Ministries has been one of the most influential. The blessing has been profound because it has come in so many forms. When he has shared the Word at our Sunday service and at special events and conferences, it is always a fresh message that you know has been prayed over for that occasion versus something that Rev. Greene “pulled off the shelf”. The Praise and Worship that they offer has consistently brought us into that throne room experience so many of us seek to have and the release of the prophetic gifting has provided reliable guidance, direction, and encouragement to those who have received it. In addition to these, Rev. Greene’s vision for spreading the simple of knowledge of Jesus is compelling and infectious. The growth of churches and bible schools here, and in other countries under his watch, has generated the same passion among the congregations that Narrow Way Ministries has touched.

Finally, Rev. Greene’s books, CDs and study manuals have been an exceptional source of growth and understanding of the scriptures. It is difficult, I have found, to locate materials that have both a depth of scholarly research and a sensitivity to the importance of revelation given by the Holy Ghost. This quality lifts Rev. Greene’s writing above the others. I was particularly blessed by his most recent work, “I Am Black But Comely”. If there is to be real unity in the body of Christ we must step forward and lovingly address the obstacles to that unity. Rev. Greene’s book is a courageous and transparent attack against the ignorance of racism that I especially hope can be read by everyone in a leadership position in churches and ministries. The importance of this work should not be underestimated. The scripture is clear that you cannot love the Lord if you do not love your brother. Not many ministers are willing to take on such an emotional topic and do it with such clarity and love for God’s people. That love is the essence of the blessing of Rev. Greene and Narrow Way Ministries.

Dr. Eva Evans
Cornerstone Church, VA

Dr. Sam Greene was recommended to us by a Pastor friend who had been in one of his meetings.  From the beginning Sam was not like other ministers.  When he heard of my husband’s death, he came to Virginia and lived with family so he could help me hold the church together.  His ministry in worship kept the church together.  I have ministered with him in situations where signs, wonders, and miracles were amazing.  He has written marvelous books which we have used in our college.  His prophetic ministry changes lives.  I could not recommend him too highly!