Fall 2022

Virtual Bible School for the Nations

Taught Live in Jacksonville, FL, Discipleship for the Nations

Virtual Discipleship

Online Bible Study

Whether it is to simply take a course or subscribe for full access, these Bible Studies are created with the greatest love and care to lay an awesome foundation of the Word of God as well as teach present truths and revelational studies for Christians at every level.     

Fall 2022 Courses

As we begin Fall 2022 with this discipleship training, we will be teaching three courses LIVE:  Searching the Scriptures, Walking Before Him, and Doctrine of First Things.  We will be building these courses as we go.  Jump in anytime to get access to all three courses at once as you subscribe as a disicple! 

Bible study materials

Our study manuals and books are available for purchase separately and are used for our courses.  They are available for download or print.   Here you will find over 50 Christian books, dictionaries, and Bible study manuals written to lay a foundation in the Word of God and impart revelation out of the Scriptures to help you in your daily walk with God.

Featured Sermon

You are called to carry the manifest presence of God.

God is preparing a people to do just that. Listen to Brother Sam Greene speak on our calling to carry the Glory of God.

Our Vision

The Need for a Biblical Foundation

Knowing God Intimately

Making Disciples of the Nations

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