You’re Invited!  Glory Conference
May 26-28, Jacksonville, FL!

Be Revived in the Glory!
Narrow Way Ministries Int’l is hosting another glory conference at the end of May!  Our sole agenda at these open-to-the-public Spirit-Filled gatherings is to Worship KING JESUS in the glory.  As the Lord leads, we will be sharing Living Words for this hour out of the Scripture as well as yielding to the Holy Ghost to move and minister to God’s precious people.  Each time we have had these meetings, Jesus has visited us with His overwhelming glory.  Let us go to Zion together!  Come and connect with us for these special meetings at the end of May!  Come and be revived in Jesus’ manifest presence and in His Word!!


Behold Him Now

by Brother Sam Greene | Come Near

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Brother Sam shares on the calling of every single believer to be vessels of glory!  This one, plus more on our sermons page.

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