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Welcome to our FAQ page where we hopefully answer questions from pricing, who we are, how this all works, etc. If you have a question that is not answered adequately here, just email us at

This school is for Christians, elders, deacons, ministers, pastors, etc. at every and any level.  God’s will after someone gets saved and filled with the Holy Ghost is to begin to sit under daily teaching.   I Peter 2:2 says, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk or the Word, that ye may grow thereby.”   It is also perfect for pastors that want to grow in God’s Word and want to be able to teach their congregation deeper in God’s Word.  It is never too late to begin to sit under the Word.  We have found throughout our ministry people that have been saved for up to fifty years have never laid a true foundation of God’s Word in their hearts.  It is never too late to sit under the Word of God!  Perhaps Jesus is pulling on your heart today to sit under the Word.

Narrow Way Bible School is a Spirit-filled, non-church denomination affiliated, non-accredited Bible school.  For those that want to become a disciple, grow deeper in God’s Word, lay a strong Scriptural foundation in their lives, grow closer in their walk with Jesus, and learn to have a sound, Scriptural answer in life, than this is what these courses of study seek to provide.  A true ordination of the Lord is not from a piece of paper, but from shining with the character of Jesus as the Word of God has changed someone, holding forth the Word of life (Phil. 2:16), and shining with God’s glory (Isaiah 60:1-3).  We are simply trying to find and prepare the remnant within the body of Christ that want to go on with Jesus and teach them line-upon-line the Word of God (Isaiah 28:9-13). 

The cost of tuition for the Bible School is $100/mo.  Payments can be made on this website through the automatic subscription or offline/manual payments with check, cash app, or credit card.  For more information on payment options, email us at

There are no tests, but for credit for completion, each video must be marked online as completed as well as each question after each video must be answered.

A certificate of completion will be given to each student upon completion of a particular course.  These course certificates will be compiled and on file.  Degrees will be given as a student goes through a certain percentage of the complete curriculum.  More information to come about our degrees.

Narrow Way Bible College is more than a place to compile knowledge.  Our vision is to see that God’s precious people are growing and changing and that God’s Word is finding a home in their lives.  Students will get out of this school as much as they put into it.  As a ministry and school, we will be checking in with each student on a monthly basis to answer any questions they may have during the month, check up on their progress, as well as give each student an opportunity to share what they are learning with us.  

The subscription gets you access to every course!  This allows you to study at your own pace, whether faster or slower depending on your own schedule.  We have a curriculum schedule, so you know the order of suggested courses and classes.

Each course will have an accompanying required study manual available (purchased separately in our online Shop) in either digital download (pdf) or spiral bound print.  Below is a short list of recommended Bible study books or software that will be discussed in greater detail during our Searching the Scriptures class:   Good Bible software or app for searches (Logos, PC Bible Study, etc.) and/or a good concordance, Vine’s expository dictionary, a good commentary like Matthew Henry’s.   Oh yes, and a BIBLE!  Make sure you have a good leather Bible if you can, one that will last as you will want to mark up and write in your Bible as you dive into each study.  We teach from the King James Version.  Having a KJV helps follow along, but there are many nice translations out there.  We recommend whether through software or Bibles accumulating as many translations as you can that will help bring out different nuances in each passage.  We like a like a book called “The Word: The Bible from 26 Translations” by Curtis Vaughn.  

The curriculum is a very sound and Spirit-filled Bible based curriculum birthed out of the charismatic movement.  It is a curriculum written by Dr. Samuel Greene, founder of Narrow Way Ministries, over the past fifty years.

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