Teach Us To Pray


This study manual on Prayer is part of our Present Truth Series

ISBN: 978-1-937199-57-9, spiral-bound study manual, 82 pages

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My number one desire in writing this manual on prayer has been to provide a Scriptural foundation for prayer, and to encourage, challenge and inspire us to pray effectively.  I know of no greater teacher than these two:  the revealed Word of God, and putting that revelation into practice.  Certainly, store up inside you these truths, but don’t let them die in your memory bank.  Use them; do what they say.

In my years as a Christian, Pastor and Teacher, nothing has given me greater encouragement than the times spent with my Heavenly Father, and seeing the things I asked for come to pass before my eyes.  Prayer really does change things.  Prayer changes people.  It brings the purposes of God to the earth.

As these lessons are set forth before you, I ask you to study and do.  If you find revelation herein and your prayer life is changed, then my purpose for writing this manual will have been accomplished.  I give honor to the Holy Spirit for teaching me these truths.  Now may that same Spirit teach us to pray.

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