This study manual on Fasting is part of our Present Truth Series

ISBN: 978-1-937199-42-5, spiral-bound study manual, 33 pages

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This study manual on Fasting will give you a complete Scriptural understanding on Fasting.  Fasting has to be one of the great keys to true Christian living.  It is amazing how few Christians participate in this wonderful blessing. Jesus did not say, “If you fast” but “WHEN you fast”. He is expecting us to do it!

So many people suffer needlessly when the answer to their problems and needs may simply be prayer and fasting. Fasting brings deliverance to the captives. It brings us closer to HIM. It quiets us down so that we are able to hear His voice more clearly. It causes us to be personally cleansed and increases our anointing. Those are some of OUR benefits; there are others that benefit someone else, if we are fasting for deliverance in their life.

I pray the GOD will use this manual to stir you up concerning the truth of fasting. I believe He will let your eye affect your heart concerning the needs of others so that you will be motivated to fast. May the Lord help and strengthen you as you do.

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