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In this introduction we will find out the answer to our question from Ps.42: 5 “ Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me?” We can find hope only in His countenance, which is simply the presence of God. When we come to His presence and praise Him, His face will shine upon us and we will hear the voice of the Lord declaring, “there is a lifting up.” (Job 22: 23-30) We learn we don’t have to feel cast down (depressed, sinked, humiliated, put down or made low); but there is an answer, a lifting up and a way out from our depression through our precious King Jesus. We will understand that the 3-fold God created a 3-fold man after His image and our soul can find deliverance when we offer our soul up to Him. There are ways we can learn how to lift up our soul to God and find His deliverance through His mighty presence.

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