Slaying Our Giants
About Lesson

In this lesson we will begin to look at the principle of slaying our giants. In this course we will look at their nature, what they did and did not do, and how the people of God reacted to them. We will see where they came from and dig deep into their stories and perhaps, as we do, wisdom will break through into our own lives. This is a principle rarely taught in the church at large, but it has everything to do with spiritual warfare, and being equipped to defend, fight against, and overcome the giants in all of our lives. What we will see is the true enemy in our lives, the power of that enemy, as well as his defeat that has already happened. By laying these truths in our hearts, we can proclaim as David in Psalms 144:1 when he said “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my finger to fight:”

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