The Little Book – Spirit Filled Devotional


A 365 day Spirit-filled daily devotional.

ISBN: 978-1-937199-62-3, paperback devotional, 470 pages

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This 365 day devotional is not your typical devotional.  As disciples of Jesus, we are called to know the mysteries of the Kingdom (Mark 4:11).  This devotional has been written to provide some answers to those that ask you of the hope within you (I Peter 3:15), to provide a place for you to be instructed, encouraged, inspired, blessed, assured, and an avenue for you to meet powerfully with the Lord Jesus every day of your life through His Word.  I dedicate this book to the body of Christ, and particularly to the remnant all over the world, who daily give themselves to the Word of God, to studying it and walking it out, to worshiping Him with passion, and for their great desire to become true living disciples.  To that end, this devotional has been written.  God bless you, and may the Lord greet you every day as you open this book; may it inspire you, encourage you and strengthen you, as it gives you fresh understanding of God’s heart and His ways.  It was written with great love and affection for you, and with absolute devotion to God the Father, my Savior and Lord Jesus, and the precious Comforter the Holy Spirit.  I now surrender this book into your hands and heart.  May God bless you as you read it.  As the angel in Revelation 10:9 said to John the beloved, “Take it and eat it up.”

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