Precepts Of The Lord


This study manual on the Precepts Of The Lord is volume three in our Sermon Archives Series.

ISBN: 978-1-937199-54-8, spiral-bound study manual, 508 pages

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The term precepts as found in Scripture, first of all is a type of the whole of the Word of God.  However, it literally means in the Hebrew things appointed for us, or a mandate of God, a commandment or statute of the Law.  Therefore, the lessons found in this book are a mandate from GOD!   This book has within it messages on hundreds of different Bible subjects that will help us “grow up into Him in all things.”  It includes lessons on The Enoch Principle, The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God, Zion, The Fragrance Of The Lord, plus over 80 other sermon topics.  It was written to help those who are covering and leading God’s people.  My prayer is that you receive great revelation and anointing with which to minister to God’s precious sheep.  I pray that this book helps you tremendously, as you learn to keep the precepts of God.

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