The Way Of Truth


This compilation of sermon notes is one of the best resources for ministers and disciples of the Word of God.  The Way Of Truth is part of our sermon archives series, books of compiled sermon notes, written with the prayer that it will be a blessing to your ministry.

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This is the fourth book in the sermon series, what many consider one of the best resources for ministers.  I started compiling my notes as a way to remember what I had already said on that particular subject.  I was teaching twice a day, and so as I began to gain knowledge and revelation, it was a way to help me not go over something I had previously taught, and to remember what I had taught.  When you teach twice a day for 40 years, that is compiling quite a bit of information.  The Lord has given me the grace to write dozens of books on thousands of pages, thousands of subjects, both in series and just topical words.  At the suggestion of some of the ministers in our fellowship, they wanted me to pass them down an inheritance to my spiritual sons and daughters.

So here we send forth the latest in this sermon series with the prayer that it will be a blessing to your ministry.  I was so young when I started my first pastorate and started trying to obey God in teaching the Word daily.  Now we’re raising up disciples all over the world.  I have done my best to obey the Lord’s simple instruction.

This then is the fruit of it.  May all the honor go to the Father, and the glory to my precious Savior Jesus, and the praise to the great Comforter, the Holy Ghost!  Enjoy!

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