Tabernacle Of Moses


This study manual on the Tabernacle Of Moses is part of our Revelational Series

ISBN: 978-1-937199-56-2, spiral-bound study manual, 284 pages

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The Tabernacle Of Moses is a forty two lesson revelatory study manual.  The truth is as we search, we find, and there is no greater reservoir of truth than the Tabernacle of Moses.  Every object, mineral, number, color or measurement, literally all of the materials mentioned, speak of our Savior’s great sacrifice as well as hidden realities of His person.  They also speak of the way into the holiest, church ages, movements throughout church history, and personal and corporate truths.  All of the most precious doctrines of the church are found herein.  More than anything, however, Jesus is defined, described, demonstrated and revealed as the Saviour for all men.  It shows His great personal sacrifices and the atonement for our whole man.  It reveals to us our past, present, and future in God, which is your entire, threefold salvation.  I don’t believe we can understand God’s eternal purposes if we don’t have a real and true understanding of the Tabernacle of Moses.

In the Tabernacle, we are actually given the revelation of how God came down to meet with, have mercy upon, and show us the way to where we can dwell with Him in fullness, for we are the temple of the living God (I Corinthians 6:19).  So as we understand Moses’ Tabernacle, we will understand our future and ourselves in His glorious kingdom, which is that you and I becoming the habitation for the glory of God.  Unto that glorious end this manual has been prepared.  To all of Jesus’ true disciples everywhere, may the precious Holy Spirit enlighten your eyes to behold Him as you study the Tabernacle of Moses.

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