The Swelling Of Jordan


This book reveals what the swelling of Jordan means for us Christians today, as we are living in the last days.

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This book will prove to be a timely and important “word in due season!”  We are now entering the final stages of God’s end time plan.  The swelling of Jordan represents not only the last great move of God that is coming and God’s people entering into their inheritance, but the accompanying great warfare that proceeds all of this.

Naturally speaking, the swelling of Jordan took place during harvest time when the Jordan river overflowed all its banks (Joshua 3:15).  As the river overflowed, all the beasts of the land would rush inland to escape those waters.  This book will explain the spiritual significance of this event, as it relates to the warfare God’s people experience prior to the last great move of God in the earth.

I believe after the initial phase of the warfare of the swelling of Jordan has been complete and when all the beasts have been released, then the waters of Jordan, which have reached flood stage, will hit the people of God.  This I believe is also a type of the last great move of God.  It is the good aspect of the swelling of Jordan, wherein there will be “waters to swim in,” as Ezekiel 47:5 states.

This is what this book is about.  Also this book includes some Biblical insights on how to overcome and enter into our inheritance, to prepare you for that moment.  All of us must answer for ourselves.  “How wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?”  My prayer is that as you read this treatise, you will decide if you have what it takes to overcome, and then enter into and receive the last great move of God.  This book has been written under a word from the Lord to inform, instruct, prepare and help us to find the grace of God, and take the mighty power given to us by His anointing, and the true authority we have been given, to overcome.

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