The Glory Of God


This study manual on the Glory Of God is part of our Revelational Series

ISBN: 978-1-937199-43-2, spiral-bound study manual, 193 pages

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The greatest treasure in the universe “The Glory Of God.” The Glory Of God is an exhaustive look at what and who the glory is, and our ultimate response to it. Do you know: Wherever the glory is, God is; God’s intention is for you to have His glory; Suffering and the glory go hand in hand; Only certain types of worship will bring the glory; What is required to have an open heaven above you; God’s glory and God’s throne are guarded? Find the answers to these and many more questions you have concerning the glory of God in the pages of this in-depth study guide.

God and His glory are one and the same.  God is the glory and the Glory is God.  It is the imposing weight of His presence, splendor, majesty, and goodness.  In Exodus 33 when Moses declares the cry that’s in all our hearts, “…show my thy glory…”  It saddens me to think that most of what is called Christianity doesn’t and will never know His true nature and presence until they get to heaven.  We have been called to obtain God’s glory.  It is His greatest desire to share all He is and has with a people who love Him devotedly, and seek Him first in all things in their lives.  The glory is what we were born for.  If you’re a true worshipper, as you read this book and study the Scriptures found therein, your heart will rejoice.  In these last days all over the earth God is raising up a people whose burning and all consuming desire is to know Him intimately and to see His glory and have face to face communion with Him.

My sincere prayer is that this book changes your life, your revelation of God and His purpose for you and for all His people, and that it lets you see Him as He really is.  By doing so, I pray, it causes you to run after Him even more than you are.  And that you learn to live in and enjoy His glory, His manifest presence, all the time.  To this end, this book was written; and to glorify the One and only true God of Glory.  All praise to the Father of Glory; all praise to the Son Jesus Christ, the revelation of God’s Glory; all praise to the precious Holy Spirit, who brings the glory to us!

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