Kingdom Of Darkness


This study manual on the Kingdom Of Darkness is part of our Present Truth Series

ISBN: 978-1-937199-47-0, spiral-bound study manual, 62 pages

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The Kingdom Of Darkness is a study of the beginning workings and schemes of the Kingdom of Darkness. We will discover its leader, who he was and what he has become. We will describe in detail the inner workings of the Kingdom of Darkness, its’ ranks of authority, etc. We will hopefully define Scripturally for you your enemy, his desire and his ungodly schemes.  Perhaps one blessing that will come out of a diligent study of this manual will be a fresh understanding and revelation of our authority and security in our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Also, by looking at Lucifer, we will see the danger of spiritual pride. Most of all, my earnest prayer and desire is that you realize we are in a war and our enemy is neither foolish nor slothful. He is a dangerous foe and we need not be ignorant of him and his devices. However, thanks be to God who HAS triumphed over the devil, demons and the Kingdom of Darkness, making an open show of their defeat. Because He overcame, we can too! All we need do is stay within the protective supernatural shield God has provided for His people.  Let us remember He has commanded us to cast out devils. (Mark 16:17, Matthew 10:8). He has given us power to tread on the devil. (Luke 10:19). Therefore, the purpose of this manual will be met as you go forth in the name of Jesus, proclaiming the Kingdom of God has prevailed, triumphing over the kingdom of darkness.

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